Thursday 23 February 2017

"The dawning of the age of Aquarius?"

                     New Earth-size planets found in a habitable zone only 235 trillion miles away

                                                     Link to: NASA Telescope Reveals

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Union Jack's beanstalk into outer space

                                                         Britannia is obviously keen
                                                            on having her fair share
                                                          of golden space eggs, too.

                         Link to: Government announces boost for UK commercial space sector

                               Link to: Launch UK brings together UK commercial space sector

Thursday 9 February 2017

Can one bank on ASTERANK ?

                                                          Asterank, which defines itself as
                                " a scientific and economic database of over 600,000 asteroids",
                               appears to be as scientifically sound as can currently be expected
                                                    and is consequently not to be dismissed
                                            as some kind of cleverly presented student prank.

                                                (Even so, potential investors in space mining
                                                    are likely to take it all with a grain of salt.)

                                                                  Link to: ASTERANK

                                                Link to: JPL Small-Body Database Browser

Wednesday 1 February 2017

"Luxembourg is a bit analogous to a utopian space colony"

                                          This line is from Sarah Scoles's latest article
                                                   on Luxembourg and space mining,
                     entitled "Luxembourg’s Bid to Become the Silicon Valley of Space Mining"
                          and written in a lively, playfully factual and objectively critical way.

                                 Link to: Sarah Scoles's January 2017 article in WIRED.COM