Saturday 22 October 2016

"Moon matters" : A loophole in the Outer Space Treaty?

                                                             Is it true that
                                    shrewd interpretations of the Outer Space Treaty
                                               could be used as part of a strategy
                                                            to monopolise
                                                      certain space resources
                                                for an unspecified period of time?

                      Link to: Harvard Gazette interview with astrophysicist Martin Elvis
      Link to: Cornell University Library, " The Peaks of Eternal Light: a Near-term Property Issue..."

                                 Whatever the answer, the prime challenge remains, of course,
                                                      that of first of all "getting there".

                                                    Link to: Moon Express Press Kit

                        Link to: "China to send Chang’e-4 to south pole of moon’s far-side "

                   Link to: PBS NEWSHOUR "China wants to mine the moon for ‘space gold’ "

                                             Link to: ESA's Interactive Guide to the Moon

                   Link to: Voice of America interview (and video) with Paul Spudis (14 Oct. 2016)